Upcoming Exploising Trends In Social Media In 2017

Every year, we are trying to make predictions about what the coming year’s potential developments in the world of social media marketing. Also we have to think back and chuckle at all the people who claimed social marketing was just a fad as little as a few years ago.

Social media is one of the fastest changing industries out there. Sometimes a cutting-edge technology changes the social game, or an old idea (e.g. virtual reality) gains viral popularly. Either way, the results always have a huge impact and 2017 will be no different. Here are five social media trends that will dominate 2017.It’s clear now that social media marketing is here to stay, and its massive staying power is attributable to one key characteristic the fact that Social media will keep evolving anourmously. It responds to new tech like mobile devices, constantly exceeds users’ expectations, and competes within itself to bring us more and better features.

1. Pay to Play Continues On Social

How do you best reach your audience? It’s a vital question for marketers, and one where the answer is always changing.You may choose to aim for the 3.5 billion searches per day conducted on Google. Alternatively, you can aim for social media. Facebook holds 1.71 billion people. Instagram has 500 million active users. WhatsApp has 1 billion. Youtube has 1 billion.

With search, an SEO practitioner can get your content high in the results page. A PPC expert can deliver ads that drive traffic to your site. With social, the halcyon days which saw brands’ content being distributed at no cost are over. The changes brought about by the social networks mean that organic reach is greatly reduced, in Facebook’s case from 15% to as llow as 3%.

Brands have two choices: pay up, or have a true understanding of the content your audience wants to see and provide it to them. Even then, you would need to think about how you can maximize sharing, and engage influencers to increase the reach. In the end, a successful strategy will most likely have to include paying money to the networks.

2. Mobile Is In First Than Desktop

‘Optimize for mobile’ could have been on every social media trends post written in the last five years. That doesn’t make any of those predictions wrong, nor does it devalue it’s entry this year. Its importance has increased every year, and this year is no different.Mobile traffic is in the top position than desktop on the web this year. Google is working on a new,mobile-first web index These changes mean that it is more important than ever to make the mobile experience as good as possible. Increasingly that means putting mobile first, rather than simply optimizing for mobile.So that’s your social media trends for 2017. A lot can happen in twelve months.

3. Blogging Gets Social

“I think people are looking for more in-depth thought leadership content as opposed to 140 characters or the onslaught of fake news on Facebook. I think Medium will end up doing what LinkedIn Pulse is trying to do by becoming a platform for professionals to connect with other like-minded individuals the ideas of which intersect around similar, new movements in their field. In the same vein, personal blogs will be taken to a social realm where channels such as Medium will organically accumulate content about a series of different topics that will bring together new value networks. That is only if they allow full ownership to the contributors – that is vitally important to its success.”

4. Social Messaging

When people discuss social media, there always seems to be more focus on social networks than social networking. That’s pretty strange, considering that now a days messaging creating very good internet communications over all social meadia works. In fact, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WeChat together have more users than the big networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Over-the-top (OTT) messaging and SMS messaging are millennials’ preferred form of communication,Millions of the people are more loyal to brands that engage them via those channels and an estimated two billion users will be messaging through OTT apps by 2018. Why is this so? Millennials want the personal touch, transparency and collaboration that the one-on-one communication allows.Businesses are already taking advantage of the huge audience base on social messaging platforms — on Facebook, you can click on an ad and it takes you directly to a chat window with the brand. As more brands start to realize the value of social messaging compared to regular social networks, they’ll make even more efforts to have a presence there.

5. Twitter Fatigue Will Worsen

Twitter isn’t doing so hot. People have been predicting the death of the twitter  for the past few years, but I’m not here to say whether or not Twitter’s going to survive another year (it probably will). Instead, I’d like to point out one potential factor for the app’s decline, what I call “Twitter fatigue.” Twitter built itself on fast, bite-sized updates, but this leads to a barrage of both incoming and outgoing tweets. This was novel and exciting at first, but now users are starting to crave something different bigger, more detailed, more interesting pieces of content that roll out slower, like once per day. You can see this trend taking hold already in platforms like Instagram.

6. New Areas of Communication Will Emerge

Historically, social media existed as a way for individual people to communicate online. When brands caught on, it also became a way for brands to speak to and advertise to consumers. But now, social media is evolving in new communicative areas. Some platforms are offering means of customer service, increasing the significance and interactivity of exchanges between brands and consumers. Others, like Facebook, are becoming more proffesional communications. Expect to see more diversity here as more brands catch onto the potential.

7. Inspiration and Imagination Will Become Fashionable

Practical posts get a lot of consumer attention. Emotionally charged posts have a greater likelihood of circulating virally. But inspirational and imaginative posts are starting to make their appearances as even stronger candidates for social media success. These are often artistic in nature, giving users something “pretty” as opposed to something pragmatic or reactive. It also forces a separation from any kind of company positioning or low-key advertising, giving users something truly valuable. In 2017, it will be valuable to forgo some pretense here, and just post beautiful images or sentiments.

8. More Interactive Content

“I think enterprises will shift towards more interactive content where the reader has to make choices that influence the outcome of the content. You’ve already seen this, since quizzes and tests were the most shared pieces of content in 2016. In 2017, however, this will go further and delve into interactive videos and blog posts. When readers have a direct impact on the content, they are more engaged and this increases their brand recall.

These pieces of content will be the focus of large social media campaigns in 2017. Brands not only want consumers to recall, they want them to be excited and share the content with their friends. They can then “compare results” with friends. This allows for a single piece of content to integrate social elements into it. Different people will have different experiences, while the brand as a whole wins out.”

9. 360° Video

“A big trend in social media in 2017 will be 360° content. More and more people will be shooting 360° videos with their GoPro cameras to upload them on Facebook or Twitter so that their friends feel totally immersed. Businesses will also greatly benefit from this new technology. They’ll be able to show 360° videos of hotels, houses, cars, museums, art galleries etc. to their potential clients on different social media channels.”

10. Live Streaming Is In Front Seat

I’m expecting to see a sharp rise in the amount of livestreaming done on social media. Livestreaming has been utilized by large social media personalities, but not businesses to the same result.

This is something someone looking to make their brand more personable and authentic should definitely be planning. For example, if you’re running a team-building exercise, consider streaming it to your audience and make them feel like they’re involved.With the integration of Periscope into Twitter early in 2016, reaching your audience with this form of content has become easier than ever, as your audience is already there.

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