10 Vegetables For The Non-Surgical Weight Loss By Fastening Your Body Metabolism

8. Brocolli

Broccoli, as all the other vegetables from cabbage family, is packed with vitamin C. In fact, only one cup of broccoli provides you with 104gr of vitamin C. It is also very rich in dietary fibers, selenium and other nutrients that are marked as potential anti-cancer ones. Broccoli has been proved to lower the risk of developing heart diseases as well as prostate cancer.

broccoli has quite a few health benefits. The most interesting benefit is that broccoli can effectively help you lose weight. Broccoli is high in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and low in calories and fat. By simply adding a regular dose of this leafy green vegetable to your diet, you can meet your daily nutrient needs and lose weight at the same time.
Since broccoli is high in fibre content, it keeps you satiated and controls your hunger. Such high fibre food help you eat less and burn more fats.

Broccoli is also high in Vitamin A, C and K and calcium, making it a healthy food to fight colon cancer, reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease and much more. This one vegetable can help you stay healthy and keep that slim waist too.