10 Vegetables For The Non-Surgical Weight Loss By Fastening Your Body Metabolism

6. Carrots


Carrots make a great diet food because they’re low in calories. Carrots are a nutritional heavyweight when it comes to vitamin A. No matter which type of carrots you choose, you’ll get all the vitamin A you need for the day.

Your body converts vitamin A from food into chemicals called retinoids, which interact with your cells and tissues. Some forms of vitamin A communicate with your fat cells, and influence new fat cell growth, fat storage and obesity. Getting more vitamin A might also benefit your health if you have a few pounds to lose. People with obesity tend to have low levels of vitamin A in their tissues, according to a study published in Scientific Reports in 2015.

Boiled carrots are slightly higher, with 54 calories per cup whereas canned carrots have only 37 calories per cup. Whichever type you choose, you can easily make carrots part of your calorie-conscious diet.